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Onboarding Toolkit

Organizations are actively engaging in experiments for new hiring and onboarding approaches. Many are forming committees and asking questions such as:

  • What do the first six hours of employment look like in our organization? The first week? 1 Month? 90 days? 
  • Are team members greeted warmly by their supervisor, a mentor and a peer?
  • Who shares with them the history and values of our organization?
  • Do we explain to new team members that they are an important part of the organization with access to people to support them and education to help them grow?
  • Do they receive a tour, a warm meal and a multiple day orientation period that carefully paces out information in reasonable, digestible bites?
  • Are new staff hired in a cohort so they have peers to lean on?
  • Are there international check-ins at 1 week, 14 days, 30/60/90 days?

Take time today to review the Onboarding Toolkit to engage your workforce and improve your retention!  Special THANKS to LeadingAge Minnesota for the time and effort in developing this amazing resource for LeadingAge members across the country.

Structure of Toolkit

Five Principles
1. Welcoming a Team Member to the Organization
2. Introduction to the Organization Culture
3. Leveraging an Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values
4. Career Pathways and Role Specific Challenges
5. Teamwork and Building Relationships in the Workplace

For Each Principle

• An Introduction Video
• A Facilitation Guide
• Activities
• Presentation Slides & Speaker Notes
• Assessments
• Action Plan Templates
• Tools
• Handouts

Process Review

Onboarding Toolkit Process Review

Toolkit Components

Intro to Onboarding Toolkit (zip file)

Principle One: Welcoming a Team Member to the Organization (zip file)

Principle Two: Introduction to the Organization Culture (zip file)

Principle Three: Leveraging an Organizations Mission Vision and Values (zip file)

Principle Four: Career Pathways and Role Specific Challenges (zip file)

Principle Five: Teamwork and Building Relationships in the Workplace (zip file)




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